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6 Facts That Will Make You a Better Omni-Channel Marketer
True omni-channel success means we need to focus on people, not platforms, and marketers must own and control the entire customer journey at every touch point. Here are 6 facts to help make you a better omni-channel marketer.
ad blocking
Ad Blocking’s Growing Threat and What Marketers Can Do About It
The threat of ad blocking is growing. Here's what modern ad blocking means for marketers and what's being done to counteract this trend.
voice search
Mobile Search in the Future? All Signs Point to Voice.
More searches are now conducted on mobile devices than desktop. And a number of signs point to voice as the next phase in the future of search. Here are 5 considerations if you want to drive more conversions from voice search.

9 Omni-Channel Marketing Pitfalls You Need to Avoid
With any innovation like omni-channel comes challenges. That’s why we’re sharing 9 omni-channel marketing pitfalls you need to avoid if you want to find success.
7 Stats That Prove Smartphones Are Driving Marketing Innovation
Smartphones have become our go-to devices as a result of continuous marketing innovation, and continue to drive innovation themselves. Here are 7 stats that prove it.
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Study Shows 6.3% Lift in Mobile Search Clicks From Facebook Ad Exposure
New research shows how mobile Facebook ads result in an average lift of 6.3% in mobile search traffic. Here's why.